Dennis, born on March 30, 1982, in the Netherlands, began his musical journey during his high school years in 1994, playing in various bands until 2000. After high school, he took a hiatus from band activities to focus on his college education until 2004.

In 2005, Dennis rekindled his passion for music, initially purchasing a 70’s style Fender Stratocaster player series. However, he replaced it in 2014 with a Fender Stratocaster 60s model from the custom shop and later added a Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut from 2005 to his collection.

Dennis’s significant involvement in bands began with ‘Octavarium’ in 2017, alongside Otto Neef (bass, synth), Edwin Lubben (keyboards, and Mike Friedman (drums). This experience led to the formation of ‘Aberration’ in 2019, a continuation of Octavarium with new line-ups and fresh material.

During his time with ‘Newland’ (2019-2022), Dennis played as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist. The 2019-2020 lineup included Peter van der Wal (rhythm, keys), Bert Hoekstra (bass), Ido Korstanje (drums), and Alex Nieuwland (vocals). The 2021-2022 lineup evolved to include Alex Nieuwland (rhythm guitar, vocals), Ido Korstanje (drums), Anno Muller (keyboards, backing vocals), and Klaas Bos (bass, backing vocals).

Concurrently, Dennis was part of ‘Clinch’, showcasing his lead guitar skills alongside Chiel Jan Vries (bass), Erik Lammers (rhythm guitar), Jelle Ditmar (keyboards), and Jos Koek (drums). He also participated in ‘The Early Years Pink Floyd Tribute Band’ (Sysyphus), contributing his guitars and backing vocals, alongside Dennis van Benthem (vocals), Otto Neef (bass), Edwin Lubben (keyboards), and Harry Punter (drums).

In 2020, Dennis briefly joined ‘The Spirit of Camel’, a ‘Camel’ tribute band, with Ido Korstanje (drums), David Blincow (vocals), Peter Bennen (bass, rhythm guitar), Mike Goossen (bass, rhythm guitar), and Wim van Seventer (keyboards), but the project was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of September 2023, Dennis has been the lead guitarist for Moonradio, joining Richard Aeilkema (vocals, guitar), Gerco Mons (rhythm guitar), Geert-Jan Mulder (keyboards), Eddie van der Veen (bass), and Otto Overeem (drums). Moonradio, formed in 2007, emerged from a group of friends inspired by an impromptu jam session at a festival. Over the years, they have focused on developing their music and finding their unique sound. Their indie music style, influenced by Nothing But Thieves and Radiohead, features a blend of guitars, synthesizers, and effects. Moonradio released their latest EP in May 2022, exploring themes of loss and is eagerly looking forward to sharing their music and experiences live with their growing fan base.

In the studio, Dennis primarily uses a Marshall JCM 800 and a Vox AC30 for amplification, while for live performances, he prefers the Laney GH50L. He remains active in the local music scene, often participating in jam sessions where he plays Southern rock and Americana with regional musicians. His live performances with Newland have included venues like Live Radio Spannenburg in Joure, RTV Zulthe in Marum, and Neushoorn in Leeuwarden. Dennis anticipates playing live with Moonradio extensively during 2024.

Dennis’s musical biography reflects a life deeply committed to music, spanning from his early days in high school bands to his ongoing home studio projects, various band performances, and his current role in Moonradio.